Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm going to tell you this straightly. this is an excellent way to earn money. but... this has a kind of a risky situation of doing this. it doesn't need to adding 2 or 3 posts to teach this. you can start this thing just after reading only this post carefully top to bottom. Thats it.. Lets start the work..!!
The specialty of this method is, all we need is only a paypal account. But we need to have a general knowledge about paypal and a paypal account that can do transactions. This means you need to have a verified paypal account witch can be used to buy things on ebay And make sure the account is linked with a credit card. if you know nothing about paypal. just click here.

As i told you first. I found out this method from a Russian blog. As it says.. this isn't an "Internet Money" method. this is a mothod witch is currently useing by the company GMX to upgrade the amount of paypal transactions via them. They have selected and awarded as "the company that has the most paypal transactions of the year " for last 4 years continuously
But the thing is they have lost a Large number of paypal transactions this year. so they are in a fear that they are not going to have the award this year for the 5th time. So they have started to do paypal transactions with genaral paypal account holders. They are doing benefit to the general people to doing the transaction with them.
so what we are going to do is a very little thing. think if you sent 1$ to the GMZ paypal ID; then they will send us 2$ within 12-24 hrs. you may got feared after hearing this. "I'm going to lost my money by trying to do this ". same to me..! i was also got feared after reading that Blog. I didn't think twice. whatever, it costs only 1$. So i sent it. next day when i logged into my paypal account i saw they have payed 2$. I got amazed. then i sent 3$. woow i got 6$ by next day. but i'm telling you guys.. if you are going to try this at your own send 1$ to them. it is the best way so far. As the blog mentioned, if you sent 5$ then it will return without doubling the amount you sent. well i didn't try that. Ok.. here's the id that we should send our money
ID -
Churvin Ferasla is president of the gmx industryes
Step 1

log your Paypal account 

Step 2

Click  Send money Option  and type Id and amount like this picture.
Click continue 

Tomorrow you can see like this image..Wow!

All can earn money easily from this method .if you have any question.coment or contact me.thank you!

ID -